As many of you know, the past few weeks have been illness after illness, hence the title of this post. Lots of vapour rub to be had by all, from Isla using Snuffle Babe (safe for 3months+) to Karvol (6months+) for Noah and me & daddy using good ole Vicks (for over 5+).

It all started off with my virus, which I had for 2 weeks with no medication, until the doctors saw fit to give me antibiotics. Then my cough and virus went, I just started to feel better and Noah gets my cough. Then Isla gets a cold and is struggling to sleep because she can’t breathe and now Daddy said he doesn’t feel well.
Thankfully Isla hasn’t lost her appetite and I’ve been using the highchair for the past couple of days as she was wriggling on the sofa quite alot. She didn’t seem to mind the great big chair, but she looks tiny in it!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 19th September 2012