Noah has had a lot of fun playing with the snap-n-learn butterflies, its a great toy for helping to learn colours, shapes, co-ordination and counting. Not only do you have to put different colours together, there are different shapes involved and Noah has developed his co-ordination by putting the butterflies together. I have been using them to help with counting too, so we count the butterflies when he has made them all up, there are 5 in total. Recently Noah has been counting with me, when I say one, he will say two, three, four and six. So it's definitely helping!

One thing that I wasn't expecting is that Noah loves playing with the jar that the butterflies come in, he puts them all in the jar and empties it onto the floor. Then you will find him running around the lounge shouting into the jar and making silly noises, or putting his face into the opening and looking at me through it. So it didn't stop at just the butterflies.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019