Scooter style doesn’t have to be hard. Read these tips!

Yes, that’s right, scooter style! It’s a thing, I promise. Since getting my adult sized scooter I have been more aware of the things I wear when we go out. I don’t want to dress like I am trying to be a teenager again, equally I need to be comfy so that I don’t hurt myself! It’s the same with the kiddies of course, without the teenager issue. They look cool no matter what they wear. When House of Fraser asked me to review a pair of their jeans from their wide selection online, I just knew it would be the perfect opportunity to look stylish on my scooter!

Scooter style in these 4 steps

1) – Firstly, go for skinny jeans, the reason for this is that you won’t trip over your own clothes! Baggy jeans or flare style jeans could be easy to get caught up or trip on when you are zooming to keep up with the kiddies. I chose these wonderful purple ones to match my new Micro Scooter!


2) – I always wear a hat, so that my hair doesnt get in my way, which at the moment is fine because it has been quite chilly out. In the summer I might just have to don a cap – the first time in years! It really does help when you are trying to keep an eye out on where you are going, also the children too!


3) – Make sure you have something comfortable on your feet, I wear my converse or my ankle converse so that I can comfortably make it round our scooting circuits.


4) – Put something warm on, a big jumper or nice coat. It can be quite cold when you build up speed, especially if you are fighting against the wind too.

That should be everything you need to get scooting in style with the family, a good old pair of skinny jeans! I would love to see your scooting styles, tag me on social media with #ScootingStyles or comment below. Looking forward to seeing your fabulous outfits. For more jeans on House of Fraser please see their collection online:


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