Gardening, outdoor adventures, Summer BBQ’s and school runs that could be hot or wet, or both! It’s that time of year where you have to prepare for the Great British Summer weather. I get to about this point every year where I have a mini check-list of things I do and I thought it would be useful to share it. Whether you are spending the day inside or outside, there is a handy tip below for you:

Keep those welly boots and jelly shoes close

What I mean by this is grab-handy by the front door, or side door (whichever one you use regularly). You can never be sure if you will need protection from the muddy puddles or something airy that will not get ruined by the rain. I always keep them by the door and the children make sure they are kept in their rightful place too. You could even make a footprint sticker to place where you want them to live, so that the little ones know where they need to put them. I love Noah’s new wellies from Muddy Puddles, the Puddlestomper wellies are only £20 and come in a variety of different colours. Noah loved wearing them too as I have a similar pair, he said he matched me.

Pack a box of back-up clothes

We could be heading to the beach, or to grandparents for the day and you can guarantee that it will be raining and miserable when we leave. Then boiling hot by the time we arrive. I keep a box of back-up clothes in the boot, this contains clean socks for everyone and underwear for Isla (in case she has an accident) and some cooler clothes. This way I do not have to panic about the extras when we are getting ready to go out of the door – as I will always forget something. It’s a great tip to ensure you are always prepared for that inevitable change of clothes requirement!

Choose a staple Summer jumper

This is a similar idea to the first one, but one for Mummy. I seem to have a staple Summer jumper and what I mean by that is something I grab and take with me on our outings that I can throw on if it gets chilly. You know the situation I mean: you are outside in the garden of a friends house and the sun is going down, the wind picks up and you start to get goosebumps. I hate being in that position as I do not want to go inside on my own. Having a lovely, fashionable jumper that will go with everything means I can just grab it and go. Knowing I will still look nice.

My favourite Summer jumper is this crocheted jumper from Espirit. It looks really stylish, comfortable and it would go with a lot of items in my wardrobe. Denim jeans and my coral shorts for example. I love the colours used in the jumper, I am going to use this as a mood-board for a crochet piece I am going to make – it really inspired me. It has perfect three-quarter length sleeves which will be cooling in the Summer months and the fact it is crocheted means it will be warm and airy too. I also think it’s a bargain too!

Have a back up in-door activity

Yes, sometimes our Summers are not as dry as we would hope for. Especially the past couple of weeks, it has rained more than it did in Spring. Have something stored away in the cupboard that you could pull out for that rainy Saturday. Sometimes we just throw our waterproof macs on and get outside anyway, but there are some activities that you just do not want to do in the rain. Games like Monopoly Junior are popular with my little ones and they always love to try a new challenge.

Stock up on your Clubcard vouchers

We use our Clubcard vouchers from Tesco to go out for meals with, this is a great thing to have in the back pocket in case the weather turns and your plans change. It is a nice thing to do spur of the moment and the children really love eating out, there favourite is Pizza Express at the moment. You can also pay for days out with the vouchers too, so there are always plenty of options.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th June 2017