If I said to you personalised necklace, what would you imagine? For me, intially, it would be a beautiful silver necklace with engraving perhaps. But I recently discovered Jacqueline Ashworth and it has changed my idea of personalised necklaces completely. The Matilda Necklace is a beautiful family necklace that contains any combination of birthstones you require.

The Matilda Necklace is a handmade personalised birthstone necklace – perfect for mummies! The idea is you choose your desired birthstones so you can wear your loved ones close to your heart wherever you go! I appreciate as a mother you may forget to put on your necklaces, but I don’t take mine off. These necklaces are so dainty and unique with excellent quality gemstones, but tough at the same time. The necklace starts from just £26.00, it is amazing value for such a unique gift – perfect for Christmas or for a new Mummy.

My little family unit is Daddy, Mummy, Noah and Isla. All of our birth months are August, January, November and May. So I personalised my Matilda Necklace with the respective stones: Peridot, Garnet, Topaz and Emerald. I adore the colours, they are literally a collection of my favourite colours all in one necklace. I wonder if subconsciously I knew that. 

The idea behind the Matilda Necklace is from Jacqueline Ashworth herself after the birth of her Grand daughter, Tilly. She designed it to give to her daughter, Emilie, as a present. Such a clever idea! Emilie wore it everywhere and soon people started to ask her where she got it, who made it and it grew from there. It is now their best seller. If you would like to design your very own collection of birthstones in the Matilda Necklace you can do it on the Jacqueline Ashworth website. I would love to hear what stones you would choose in the comments below… 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 7th December 2016