Pair your favourite chocolate with the best wine this Easter

I love chocolate and I also love wine, I didn’t realise that wine was a good accompaniment for chocolate until GiftsOnline4U sent me this thorough infographic. From Asti to Port there is a chocolate Easter egg for each. You can plan your Easter meal dessert appropriately, according to your favourite chocolate. 

My two favourite wine choices are: Prosecco and a Tempranillo red. I never knew that white chocolate went well with Asti, or Prosecco in my case, I cannot believe I have never tried it before either. Knowing that we will have lots of chocolate on Sunday, we are going to experiment with our favourite wines when the children have gone to bed. With red being my other favourite choice, I am going to have  to pair this with a dark chocolate. Maybe a dark chocolate soufflé type of dessert.  My mouth is watering now! 

Don’t forget a personalised bottle of wine can make for a great gift anytime of year, be it birthday / Christmas or Easter! 

The below infographic was put together by GiftsOnline4U, its a quick break down of their main blog post which has a lot more detail in it (see link above). 

Do you have any other favourite chocolate and wine combos? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 



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