My little princess is now 25 weeks old, yes that is very nearly 6 months! EEK! Isla has been loving our trip away, she has been enjoying the beach and making the most out of the room to commando crawl across the place and pinch all of Noah’s toys.


So the commando crawling is going really well, she is getting very strong and can make it across the room extremely quickly. She pulls herself up on to both hands and both knees now and does the classic baby rock. She has used her arms a few times, but I don’t think she quite realises what she is doing with them yet. Her quickest manoeuvre is to pick her self up on to all fours, rock and body slam to a free falling position! She’s doing her sky fall James Bond impression, its quite funny.


She is weaning really well, she absolutely loves eating with her spoon, but she is very very independent. She MUST use the spoon herself and feed herself! Its really cute as she watches Noah eat at every meal and you can see her making a chewing action, like Noah is, although she has nothing to chew.

Noah and Isla are becoming really good friends, I will write about it separately, she loves him. She watches him more, laughs and smiles at him, plays with him and you can really see how much she adores him. It makes my heart melt to watch. I couldn’t wish for a more beautifully happy baby… SOME OF THE TIME!

On top of all the magic and happiness that she gives me, she still doesn’t sleep well. She wakes up at least once a night, most often more than once. Throughout our trip to Cornwall she was teething and cut her first tooth, so we had acid nappies and a sore bum and a very unsettled little girl. As soon as her tooth cut through, guess what, the acid nappies ceased and her bum cleared up! Why does teething poop hurt so much? I felt so sorry for her. The colicness seems to have gone now, but we still have awkward moments of wriggling and uncontrollable, tummy ache cries – but she sleeps straight after her tears. So I am not 100% sure if it is a tummy ache or fighting sleep. On average we are getting 3 naps a day and then bedtime at 7pm after her bath (she loves bathtime) and she wakes around 5am for a bottle. She will drink her milk, until satisfied and usually doze until wake up time – between 7 and 8am. Depends how lucky I am. Now when I go back to work, the early morning wake up calls will be appreciated, as I will be ready for work on time! It will also mean I get to spend some time with my baby girl in the mornings.

I am still finding it quite stressful at home with 2 young ones, I didn’t contemplate just how hard it would be, it is definitely getting easier by the week/month! I am sure once I am back at work I will be grasping any moments with my babies and appreciating them in a whole new light. How do other working mothers cope? I am a little scared, if I’m honest!!

What do you think?

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  • mymillsbaby
    Tuesday, November 6, 2012

    Awww – she’s so lovely. I tried returning to work and literally wept everyday. I’m now back on maternity leave and will most probably take a career break for a few years. If you enjoy your job, I’m sure you’ll be fine – I have heard some great stories from people about work / life balance – I just hope your experience is better than mine xxx