Pom-Bear have brought a fabulous Halloween edition of their yummy bear shaped crisps, especially for the Halloween season (they won't be in the shops for long). The fabulous Pickled Onion flavour is perfect for little monsters of all ages.

Noah loves Pom-Bears so much that he cries when he sees the packet because he wants them and he wants them NOW!

The special Pickled Onion flavour crisps are still as good for my little tot, even though they are a yummy flavour! They have no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives and are gluten free. Noah loves them, so I'd happily let him munch them at lunch times, they are better than some other snacks he could have and I know he will eat these. Which at the moment, with a fussy little tot, is a good thing.

Available from leading supermarkets, the treats are on the shelf at just £1.39 for six packs, a complete bargain, but make sure you get down there quickly, they aren't available for long.

For more details about Pom-Bears, you can visit their website www.pom-bear.co.uk for ingredients and fun facts. The site is really interactive for kids too, it kept me entertained for a while!

You can like Pom-Bear on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pom-Bear/19413557556


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