I’ve never written about our first date before, it wasn’t a typical first date. It was rather hilarious. I simply cannot believe it was seven years ago. Look at us now: married, two beautiful children and three cute furbabies. I cannot picture life before Deano and I cannot imagine life without him. Happy anniversary baby…


The History

So, we’d been talking, emailing, texting, sending silly things to and fro from each-other for months. I’d known Deano since high school, so quite a while but he is 5 years older than me – I fancied him hugely at school. But I was young, pretty unattractive to look at and he was THAT guy that would never want to be seen with me. Until seven years ago of course.

After all our chatting and writing, I can’t describe how I felt really, accept from natural. I felt like it was a natural thing to be with him, it was written in the wind and meant to be. I just needed to make sure the chemistry was there in person. So off me and little Rambo went, to Norfolk to see Deano.


I had no idea where I was going at the time so Deano met me at the first, large roundabout as you approach Norwich. I used the opportunity to let Rambo have a wee: he still looked the same, he was shaking and I felt so sick it was unreal. We were like two school children who daren’t even sit next to each-other.

The Date

We went out for a meal, a lovely Italian restaurant in Norwich City centre. I hadn’t eaten all day because I was nervous and I had that butterfly feeling so bad in my tummy that I didn’t eat anything throughout our meal! I literally drank a couple of glasses of wine and sat there staring at Deano and pinching myself.

Now Deano is the sort of person that likes to make you laugh, do silly things and he was trying to impress me. So what’s the most obvious thing to do when trying to impress a girl? Sticking chips up your nose, salty chips, and making your nose bleed. Yes, obviously. It was the funniest thing and his nose bled for weeks.

It’s something we joke about a lot and one of those stories that will be passed on to Noah as a lesson on how to impress the ladies! Look out girls…


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  • Seychellesmama
    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    This is so cute, such a lovely story!!! Love the chips bit haha definitely a technique to pass down haha xx