Noah and Joseph went to Bramptons Rhyme & Sing today, they had lots of fun singing songs and playing with pom poms. They learnt “if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”, “Row Row Row your boat” (The other verses of it anyway), “Round and round the garden”, “Grand old duke of York” and a few more.

All the other babies were 3/4 months old, so Joseph and Noah were the oldest by far, but they still enjoyed it just the same. In fact when we were all singing, Noah and Joseph were captivated on the leader, they look amazed!

Well, my little man is growing up! What can I do but just go along with it? I have no choice really do I? He is going to be 10 months old on Friday, he will be 1 years old in 2 months time and I simply cannot believe it. I’ve got the best birthday present for him though, or will have by then!! Surprises are good for everyone, including little Noah.

Noah’s christening was on the 28th August 2011, it went really well-  the weather held out for us and it was super sunny. Noah was a good boy, up until 6pm when he got very tired and fed up. He just wanted to crawl about and play with his ball pool, he just loves it in there. Thank you to Auntie Hayley for Noah’s wonderful cake. It was fabulous and such a pity we had to destroy it, if I could have frozen it as an ornament, I would have.

Thank you to everyone that came to his Christening, we really appreciated the effort and the wonderful gifts (which we told you not to get, but thank you so much) he was very spoilt by everyone. A special big thank you to Noah’s godparents for helping make the day so special, Abbie & Jonno, Tommy & Zoe and Hayley & Dan. We are very lucky to have you as such a big part of Noah’s life.

Think I need to get Noah weighed on Monday!! 🙂 Its been a while hasn’t it?


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Last Update: Tuesday, 6th September 2011