This week I downloaded The Gruffalo movie from iTunes onto my iPad as the movie and the making of was only £4.99 and I like the story and now the movie 🙂

Noah took position on the armchair, on the bump and sat intently watching The Gruffalo and was completely engrossed, I couldn’t believe how engrossed he was. I had to capture it on video to show you – look at the concentration in his eyes. Also, look how amazing it is on the iPad hehe.

It was so cute seeing him happily watching The Gruffalo sitting on the bump, a lovely half an hour of family time; just me, Noah and the bump, oh and The Gruffalo of course. I am glad we have had some lovely moments like this before our world is turned upside down again by the newborn 🙂 (for the better I mean…)


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Last Update: Friday, 27th April 2012