Each month I say that Noah tests and I talk about the naughty things he does to push everyone’s buttons and I thought it was easing off, until we approached this month. Naughty, irritable and a ratbag are 3 words I would readily use to describe his behaviour. But then at the same time he is being a very helpful, polite and beautiful little boy. How is that so?


It is by far the most stressful month of my life since having both children, not only January and a long month financially but the weather has been terrible and he is just at the stage where he wants to do things, test the boundaries and learn. I guess the frustration occurs when he isn’t learning, or is learning too much and needs some fun time. It is sometimes unclear where to draw the line between learning and fun. This is all a big learning curve, not just for Noah.

Noah sentences

He is talking a lot better now, beautiful sentences are coming out of his mouth and he is such a polite boy. He says thank you automatically, please (mostly) without prompting and is very courteous about the way he does it too. Not just a thanks or a dull toned please, he really means it and you can hear it in his voice. He has started using phrases that I have never heard before, from him, like he misses us, he loves us “loads” and explaining situations to us so that we can talk to him about them. That’s always fun! He often picks up if you aren’t listening to him, he will make sure he tells you that too. Better pay attention! You can hear him playing with his toys and now the descriptions of things are really coming out, “he went around the whole track and into the siding and then he had to say sorry to Thomas” – for just an example.


I spend my whole life saying that is a great thing he just said, I will make sure to put it on the blog – and then I forget what it was. I will have to write them down as I go, especially as Isla will be talking this year (notice my positivity). I can hear him now telling Isla to come and sit with him, with the dogs and the pussy cat. They are going to watch a film, so it’s snuggle time. He gives her his blanket and says make sure you keep warm Isla.


He still loves all the things he has ever loved, racing around on the ride on’s, playing with his trains and cars. But he is also really loving arts and crafts at the moment – which makes me happy. He loves drawing, colouring and glueing and sticking. We have done a lot of fun things over the month with the glue and scissors. I will make sure to take photos of them all so he can see his development. He has even started to colour in-between the lines of colouring books, not just scribble over the entire page – which is obviously fun!


Sibling Love

This month we have had a lot of singing together and Noah is trying to teach Isla to say words, I so often hear him saying no Isla it’s Dad-ee. To my complete amazement he did teach Isla to say Daddy. She says it exactly how he was trying to teach her, Dad-ee. But she says it and it’s clear. It’s something I have never witnessed so prominently between the 2 of them and it really did make me feel proud. We seem to share a lot better now, Noah will readily hand over things to Isla and vice versa. They are getting this sharing thing, they still do their individual activities though, which means it is a non-sharing session. Hey, we even shared the FLU this month. Lovely.


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