This month has seen an incredible change in Noah’s temperament, language development and his bond with Isla, everyone has been commenting on how different he is and how much better he is with Isla and his toys.

Noah Sentences

This month there seems to have been a big leap with his words and sentence structure, he really does talk for England and despite the health visitor saying she was worried about his speech (and the speech therapist saying he is perfectly fine) he has come on in leaps and bounds. Next month will see an even bigger leap I am sure as at the end of June Noah is starting day nursery. He will interact with children and other adults all day and I am sure his speech and sentence structure will be 10 times better than it is now. We are very good at speaking about Noah’s things now, Isla’s things, please’s and thank you’s are dished out frequently. We are learning manners, so we thank Nanny’s and Nanna’s for having them or for dinner and we have learnt to say “Good night, love you Mummy” – which just makes me melt at bedtimes. He is great at copying words now, so if you ask him to say something he will either repeat it perfectly or try to and not quite get there – he does eventually. We have a few letters that he struggles with, S’s are coming along, but we cannot say F’s yet – Gruffalo is still “Grul-la-low”. But shop is sounding more and more like shop, not hop, so he is definitely improving.


We count all the time, he loves counting so much, he will count random things or in his little role play games he will be counting for his character, its great fun to watch him learning how to use numbers in his language and everyday life. He was colouring in this morning after breakfast and I could him counting from 1 to 10 and then saying silly things to make him laugh. Last month he couldn’t quite say 7, but he said it quite clearly this morning, I am guessing that is because his S’s are getting better.

Toddler Tantrums

Where have they gone? No more head  banging? No more hitting walls or taking out his extreme frustration on the house! He does still have tantrums by way of screaming loudly if Isla steals his train, we have had a few occasions where he still pushes her out of the way, but in general it is much much better and it makes things a lot more harmonious in the house – Mummy & Daddy are a lot less stressed that’s for sure.

DSC_4640Potty Training

This is nearly there, we pee and poop on the potty, but when trousers are on we do it in those. So we are not quite with the concept yet! Although he is aware of when he needs a wee or poop, which is a great step. We are on holiday soon and so I can give it another go then and his toddler toilet seat and step came today, so he can use the big toilet as that seems to be more appealing to him at the moment – he is obsessive about the flush.


We play all day long and as much as we can, he builds, he creates scenarios with his Happyland people, he looks through books, puzzles, shape sorters, he plays with his kitchen and he encourages Isla to play with toys now too. So he will say to Isla “Come on Isla, play with this” which is really sweet. We love playing chase, we do this before bathtime and we run around the lounge after each other and he loves chasing after Isla, but loves it more when Isla chases him. She cannot keep up with him, so he always runs across the lounge quicker and therefore she ends up be the chaser. Its very cute.

Sibling Love

They are definitely bonding more and more and getting involved in eachother’s worlds a lot more. Isla will play with Noah and vice versa, they communicate in their own little way and they play more throughout the day. At dinner time Noah will just look at Isla and giggle, then she giggles back, I have no idea what they are giggling over, but they do – its quite funny.


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Last Update: Monday, 10th June 2013