Yes, I am 31 and this is my very first espresso, call me crazy but my love for coffee is in the milk! I love milky coffee, which is why I love latte and the café au lait that Dolce Gusto do. So when I was sent my espresso bundle from Dolce Gusto I jumped with excitement at trying the new recipe, Ristretto Ardenza.

IMG_8384.JPGI returned home from work this evening to a lovely hamper from Nescafe, thank you very much. I have two types of espresso and the Lungo recipe which I am going to try in the morning. The little glass espresso cups and saucers are so cute, I was very excited about trying them.  I also have a lovely cupcake, yummy!






 Well, what can I say: the espresso was very lovely. I like my coffee sweet, so I added a sugar too. It was not bitter, it did not have a strong after taste which you get with some coffees. It was really subtle and I really enjoyed it. Nothing like what I was expecting. I will be using my espresso pods up quite quickly I think.

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Last Update: Monday, 27th October 2014