I don’t wear a lot of make up. Hardly any to be honest. I do not spend a long time getting ready either, in fact I probably spend about 10 minutes getting ready in the mornings or if I am going out. Here are my top tips on getting ready, quickly, but not compromising on looking nice!

Prepare the night before

This might technically be classed as cheating, but I always wash my hair the night before. I used to always go to bed with wet hair – yes I know that’s terrible. Since I have had it cut I now dry my hair so it at least looks styled. This helps me because in the mornings I know it’s clean and half styled. I do sometimes have to tame the birds nest that is my hair when I wake up – but most of the time it takes me 2 minutes to run the GHD’s through and that’s my hair done.

Keep everything neat and tidy

Making sure my products are tidied away, neatly and in a vanity case. This makes it so much easier to find everything – if I want to wear a little pink or natural colours, it’s all in one place and much quicker to get ready. This case has a lot of sections so that I can keep products organised, I make sure eye products are together and nail products together. I can literally fit all of my make up and nail products in it, which also keeps my bedroom clutter free.

Make sure you have the right lighting

Not the top of everyone’s agenda, but making sure you have the right light to do your make up is essential. For example, how many times have you finished your make up in the house and gone into the daylight and it looks completely different? I have, lots of times! This 8 bulb LED mirror is great as it has 2 light settings – a warm light and a bright light. When I am working with colour, I always use the bright light – it replicates the day light a bit better. Otherwise, I use the warm lighting. Below are 2 examples of the light settings: warm and bright.

Try before you buy

Make sure you try the products in store before you take them home. This way you make sure you have the right shades, colours and product. This then allows you get ready quicker as you know exactly what you have purchased. This saves time when you do your make up as you know what the products do!

Collect your everyday items

I keep my everyday items stashed away from the other make up products. These are the products I use everyday – like my go to mascara or my BB Cream. Sounds like an obvious idea, but I only started doing this recently. Its much easier as I know exactly what to do in the mornings, which consists of 3 products… it takes me 2 minutes to do my make up each day.

What are your getting ready routine tips? Do you have any wonder products that you would like to share? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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