I love Christmas, I really do, the memories that it holds from my childhood and the memories I want to make with my family growing up: there are certain things that I want to bring to the Constant Christmas traditions – you know the things that you hope your children will end up doing with their family when they grow up.


Decorating the tree

When I was younger decorating the house ready for Christmas was THE big thing, we would go out as a family and choose the tree and we would always want the biggest and best tree possible. Mum would always buy a real tree. As much as I love real trees and really want one, whilst we have the smaller children it is just much easier to maintain a fake one. But instead of getting in the car and driving to buy our tree, we all put on our Christmas jumpers and put the fake tree together. Noah and Isla passed me and Daddy the coloured tree branches one at a time and they helped to fan out the branches. Mum would always put the lights on the tree and we would help decorate it, but thinking back to it now we probably didn’t help very much and I am pretty sure that she rearranged the decorations once we were finished. But it was just a magical time, of being together with my brother and sister and spending that time making Christmas appear in our lounge. I loved it. I love a decorated Christmas tree – there is something about sitting in a lounge with the Christmas fairy lights on the tree in the corner. It feels homely and I want this tradition to be a big part of Noah and Isla’s childhood. Getting a tree, decorating the tree and really loving the way it all feels. This year the children had a lot of fun decorating our tree and Noah wakes up every morning and turns our lights on, we also learnt about light safety – we never leave them on when we are going out in case of a fire. He is our Christmas light guardian!


Christmas crafts

I love crafting, doing things together with the children and it is something that I loved doing as a child – I was always making things, drawing things and decorating anything when I got the chance to. This year we have had super fun, we received a fantastic gift from Baker Ross which contained plenty of goodies to craft our very own angels to go on the tree. So we did, Isla loved it! She is just like me, she loves glueing and sticking as she calls it – she will spend hours with glue and bits to stick. I am really proud of her angel (the white one), we have put them at the top of our Christmas tree. Our family tradition will be to make a decoration for the Christmas tree every year, I can’t wait to see what our tree will look like in ten years time.


We also sat around last weekend and made our paper chains with our set from the Dotcomgiftshop, it was great fun. Isla did loose concentration quite quickly as the sticky pads were annoying her, but Noah was on a roll. He just loved making his paper chain. Daddy and Noah made huge paper chains and we have used them to decorate our Christmas tree. They look brilliant!


Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Little Tikes 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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Last Update: Monday, 1st December 2014