We are a very active family, we are always out and about in the woods, on walks or playing in the park somewhere. It is essential that the bags we have are fit for that purpose: water resistant, comfortable, fit everything we need in and another important factor – fashionable. We were sent a City pack backpack from Kipling and we were very happy with what we found, read on for more information.


The City Pack backpack is firstly a beautiful backpack, yes I said beautiful. The feel and texture of the bag is completely different to anything else I have seen before, it is crinkle Nylon which is water resistant and a huge requirement when you are running around the woods and the ground maybe a little damp! Or you have the children’s drinks in the side pockets – which are incredibly handy and a little bit of juice overspills. You can wipe it clean. The material doesn’t look like it has been wiped or worn, this bag will look brand new forever I think. I love the shiny Kipling monkey keyring on the bag, just another little addition that finishes off the bags look. The kids love playing with it too when we are sitting around eating our lunch.


So I mentione pockets, this backpack is incredible as it is full of the most useful pockets and cubby holes for everything that you need to take with you when you are an active family like ours. There is the front pocket, which hides the changing mat – this folds up really neatly and slots into the pocket perfectly. Underneath the flap at the top of the bag (which is great as it protects underneath really well) there is a pocket with a drawstring, which is perfect for slotting the camera in or nappies and wipes. Something that you want to access quickly. The interior organisation panel has room for your mobile phone, it has pencil loops and a media-player pocket too. Then there is the main, zipped, pocket which is the largest pocket of them all and where you can fill it with a change of clothes, the picnic feast or simply toys. Whatever you need for your trips and adventures. We take our Kipling backpack everywhere, it is so useful and fits so much in it’s incredible. I don’t think you will be disppointed at all.


The other main factor for me as a Mummy, and the one that wears the backpack, is that it is comfortable. Really comfortable. The photos from this post were a trip to Anglesey Abbey (before the car accident may I add) and it was full of picnic goodies, drinks, cameras and the nappies and wipes of course and it wasn’t too heavy as the bag sat so comfortably on my back. I was able to run around, throw the leaves with the children and give them big cuddles, it was as if I wasn’t wearing the backpack at all. This bag is £79.99, but is every bit worth the money. I think we will be using this bag when the kids are teenagers. It is very good quality, so every bit worth the money.




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Last Update: Monday, 1st December 2014