It has been on my mind a lot recently as I have been seeing a lot of these “no no’s”, to other people they are most probably perfectly fine. But when I notice these things I get rather annoyed. I am sure you will relate… Now this post isn’t to say I am a fashion guru by any means, but I do set myself certain standards with how I dress and what I wear.


Do you need new leggings?

So, I was driving the children to nursery the other day and as I drove past this young lady and her, possibly, mother the sun was shining on their backs. The younger lady was wearing leggings with a sweater and a scarf, the sweater sat comfortably at the end of her back (trying to say this politely!). Cheap leggings are a complete NO NO for me. Why? Well because as this young lady demonstrated to the entire world that past her; they are see through over your bottom. All I could see was thong colour and pale butt cheeks. NOT what I wanted to see first thing in the morning and I kind of felt sorry for her, she must have been 16/17 if that. What must those men driving past think? How would she feel if she knew? This is one of my big no no’s with fashion items, I spend the extra money and get better quality leggings that are most definitely not see through over my bottom.

Oh there’s your bra!

This is something that has annoyed me forever, I can’t help it, but it does. I know sometimes you just cannot avoid it either, but sometimes you can and people just don’t and it looks atrocious. Wearing tops that show your bra straps and those particular bra straps are a different colour entirely to what the top colour is. EW! What I mean is if you are wearing a white boob tube and a black bra, with the straps showing. Why? Or a vest top that is a halter neck design with normal bra straps showing, again different and obviously against the colour of the top. Do people do this purposely as a look? I just do not understand it at all!


Did you look in the mirror this morning?

I know on a daily basis I at least try to make my outfits match: colour, style and patterns usually being the things that I match up. I will not wear purple shoes with a red outfit for example, or a navy trouser skirt with a brown top and black shoes. I cannot stand outfits that do not match up. I notice it straight away and it will bug me for the rest of the day. Sad, but true. I know it is sometimes impossible to spend money on different coloured shoes, or different varieties of patterns – but you can avoid wearing mismatching garments.

Well there are a few things you have learnt about me and I have ranted in the process, I feel much better for it now too!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 22nd October 2014