I was recently Tagged to complete this Meme, ‘My 2011 Highs & Lows by ‘Mum of Three Boys’, who is the very lovely mummy blogger… New to blogging and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading her new blog! Her 3 boys are just gorgeous too…

(1) What was your happiest event?

Finding out the day of Noah’s christening that we were definitely pregnant! We knew because I had officially missed my period that day!

(2) What was the saddest thing that happened?

Seeing what my mum has been through with her “ex” and what he did to the family home, her life and what he did after leaving! It’s not nice to see your mum go through anything unpleasant, especially at the result of somebody else. If I could have turned the clock back and made her year better I would!

(3) What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?

This is quite tricky to answer, hubby is very spontaneous and so anything is usually possible. I suppose the most unlikely thing to have happen that did, for me, was moving house to be closer to our friends and family. At the start of the year, we had no intention of moving! We loved our previous house.

(4) Who let you down?

Our old landlords let me down by causing unnecessary stress when we moved out! Who’d have thought they can be so mean & not feel guilty!!

(5) Who supported you?

As ever, my hubby (my rock) my mum (my star) and my mother & father in law (my other stars). I also have a lot of support from my grandma & uncle… I have a very close family & I love them all!

(6) Tell us one thing you learned

Always trust your instincts. They are usually correct.

(7) Tell us one thing that made you laugh

Noah makes me laugh a lot, but seeing him blow off & giggle afterwards did make me chuckle 😉

(8) Tell us one thing that made you cry

Accidentally hurting my little man! We had a hair straightener accident at the start of the year, involving Noah falling on to them & burning his cheek. Thankfully it cleared up nicely & there are no scars! I hated myself for months & was sad looking at Noah everyday as the burn never let me forget.

(9) Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud

1. Noah learnt to walk just around his birthday. 2. Noah learnt to give hugs & kisses, which made me feel very proud to be his mummy. 3. He learnt ee-I-ee-I-o when I sing old MacDonalds farm!

(10) Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself

I passed my ITIL exam with flying colours and I am going to be a mummy again!

(11) Tell us one challenge you overcame

Being pregnant & caring for a little person is quite tiring and most definitely a challenge. I find myself constantly tired, achy & forgetting but still manage to put my happy mummy face on & give Noah 100%.

(12) Tell us three things you would like to change about your life from 2011

1. Be a mum of 2, 🙂 2. Find more time to carry on researching my family history 3. Spend more time with my family.

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