Making camping easy with Millets #WeDoSummer

When you go camping with the family, you have to make sure that everyone is happy and more importantly, comfy. Getting the right camping gear is essential to making sure everyone is happy. Everything from the right sleeping bag, air bed and the right plate to eat your breakfast on. It all helps to making sure the camping trip is as pleasant as it can be. This is my list of must have products from Millets to make your camping trip easier.


Getting a good nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is important, as we all know little sleep for parents means the next day can be trying. We have always used an airbed when we go camping, sleeping is a high priority for me.  It’s only very recently that Millets introduced us to a new kind of airbed that is just the most amazing bed we have slept on (outside our bedroom of course). It’s an airbed that has two compartments in it. You’ll understand if you have ever slept on an airbed: one lies down and when the other gets on it flicks you upwards. Or every time one of you rolls, or even moves their leg, it moves the other. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you are a light sleeper. The Coleman double airbed was really easy to blow up too with the quick pump that Millets sent us, another must have. The quick pump is electric and uses the electricity from the car, it blew the bed up in minutes. The airbed has a special functionality which stops air from leaking, it’s really clever. 

Eating the best meals

My favourite part of camping is making sure the cooking is perfect. We have plates with sides so that your food doesn’t roll off the plate, you never can be too sure how windy it will be. Such a great idea. Millets sent us this Eurohike picnic kit which has been so useful when we go camping, it contains all the plates, cutlery and glasses. It also has a compartment to keep food fresh, a bottle holder to keep drinks cool and a waterproof rug that detaches. We use it all the time, not just when we go camping. 


Make sure you have good lighting

When you are camping it’s kind of game over when it gets dark. That’s if you do not have the correct lighting. Millets sent us a Silverpoint daylight lantern, I had thought it would be like every other lantern that only gives you a dim light. But this lantern amazed us all, we hung it to the top of the tent and it served as a room light for the evening. We all played word games for a couple of hours and it meant the evening lasted a bit longer. It was lots of fun. 

Have somewhere nice and cosy to sit

We have a double sofa for the grown ups to sit on, its nice sitting there watching Daddy cook us a yummy breakfast in the mornings (my favourite part about camping) and the kiddies have two little camping chairs. It’s nice that we all have somewhere to sit off the ground. The children can sit and eat their lunches comfortably and so can the grown ups. The children love that their chairs have animals on them too – they both feel very protective over their chairs. They sit in their chairs and play with their toys, read books or watch Daddy cooking breakfast like Mummy! 



 If you have any other tips for what to take camping I would love to hear them in a comment below. 

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