In this post, written with Lyst, I will show you some fabulous tricks to Lysting fabulous fashion pieces, including jewellry for all occasions and my favourites. Lyst is a great site for fashion, it allows you follow the brands that you love and send items to lysts where you can see stock levels and prices – compare prices too across different brands. It is great fun. You can find Lyst here:

LystLyst jewellery styles

I found some amazing pieces of jewellery, you can search for fashion items here: There are items from brooches to necklaces, in all shapes, sizes and prices. There is something for everyone’s purse.

My first list that I created was everyday jewellery, these are items that I loved that I would wear on a daily basis. You know the items that you just can’t take off.


My second list was occasion jewellery, so these are things that I would wear to a wedding event or a black tie type of event. I don’t go to these very often anymore, but a girl can dream, can’t she?


I love rose gold at the moment, so most of my occasion choices are from rose gold items. There are some beautiful pieces, things that I would not have normally seen, so it is a great way of seeing various items for a lot of brands.

My Lyst favourites

I added all the items that I loved, as I was browsing through the website into my very aptly named “my favourites Lyst“. There are some lovely items that I found along the way, jeans and jumpers and some funky boots for the rest of Winter/Spring 2016.


I love the list’s that are automatically create for you, gifts for me for example – what a great idea of creating a wish list for other people. I will no longer struggle with ideas for Christmas, birthday and Mothers Day!


Do you have any Lysts that you would like to share?

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Last Update: Tuesday, 19th January 2016