The Wine List is a great way to learn about different wines. It is the first wine box that helps you learn about wine and lets you taste the yummy bottles too. Every month you receive a box of wine and the tools to learn all about it. It’s perfect for people like me who really do not have much understanding of wine and need to learn. 

I am usually one of those people that go to the supermarket and think I know what I like, but really have no idea. So, I tend to stick to the same things; albeit I am not sure if there is something I would like better. I think I like full bodied reds the best, Tempranillo grape. So, I am hoping to discover new wines and see if this is, indeed, the wine I like best. 

In April’s box we received 2 bottles, a white and red wine. The white wine is a Marada Chardonnay 2017. We are going to try the white wine with a meal in the week. However, we tried the red wine at the weekend; a Duzàt 2020. I have to say both Hubby and I absolutely loved it and will buy it again. I do love the fact you can buy the wine again on the Wine List website. 

Wine Tasting Month 1 

In month 1 I learnt a lot. Firstly, I learnt that wine tasting is about 4 things; Look, Smell, Taste and Think. In the box there is a booklet that describes how you do these 4 things to determine the attributes of the wine. 

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I learnt that, with a red wine, you can see how hazy the wine is by holding it up to a piece of white paper in good light. The booklet also described some techniques on how to taste the wine; like acting as if you are whistling with the wine in your mouth and breathing in to get a different kind of taste to the wine. It is so clever how it changes the taste around your mouth. 

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In the box you also get a fact file on the wines, including where it is made, stories about the winemaker and what it is good to pair with in terms of food. With your subscription you get access to live wine tasting sessions and community events and you also have a member’s dashboard. It is such a fun way to learn about new wines. 

There are 3 subscriptions you can choose from: 

Core – 2 bottles at £39 per month (this comes with learning core wines) 

Case – 6 bottles at £99 per month (this comes with learning core wines and imported wines) 

Case – 12 bottles at £195 per month (this comes with collecting wines and learning wines) 

There are also wine tastings, where you are sent glasses of wine to try and you can take part in the classes at your own leisure. 

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I feel so lucky that I get to try the Wine List and share a special discount with my readers too. 

Discount code 

When you use the code: MUMMYCONSTANT at the checkout, as a new customer, you will get a chance to take advantage of this limited time offer:

  • 1st box – 40% off
  • 2nd box – 30% off
  • 3rd box – 20% off

These boxes come with free delivery and you must be over 18 to purchase. The good thing with these Wine List Subscriptions is you can cancel at any time, there is no obligation to pay. Albeit I think once you start you will be wanting next month’s delivery.  Whilst you are here check out my post on twinning chocolates with wine.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024