If you haven’t see a Le Mini Macaron yet then you haven’t lived! This is the MUST HAVE beauty gadget for any busy family. As much as I love going to a salon to get my nails prettied up, I cannot do this frequently due to time and cost. So when I found out about the Le Mini Macaron kits I just had to try it and I am so glad I did. It’s a great way of getting salon glam nails at home. 

What is Le Mini Macaron?

No, it’s not a biscuit. But it does look like a delicious macaroon. Le Mini Macaron came about because they wanted to let people at home get that shiny, long-lasting nail polish colour at home as a salon can be expensive. They have this on their website: 

We believe that your manicure should be FUN but also SIMPLE because we know you’re busy and on the move. Your nails should be the last thing you’re worried about!

I couldn’t agree more, I love having fun coloured nails and experimenting. Now I can. You can too with this discount code, just enter SONIALMM10 at the checkout! 

Gel manicure kit – Cherry red

I was sent a fabulous gel manicure kit from Le Mini Macaron, in Cherry red. It’s so vibrant and reminds me of a strawberry macaroon. Yummy! The kit comes with all you need to get the perfect gel nails that will last a long time and shine for weeks. For under £30 you get: a macaron LED lamp, USB lead (you need a plug), a cuticle stick and nail file, gel removing pads and a bottle of polish. 

The lovely thing about the kits is that the items all match in colour, so I had a red LED lamp, cuticle stick, nail file and gel polish. The polish is a special 3-in-1 formula that combines a base coat, colour and top coat all in 1 bottle. The polish is recommended to last 7-10 days and I can confirm that it does last that long. It has lasted a lot longer on my toe nails too! 

Applying the gel polish

It is so easy to use this kit. It’s 3 simple steps: file the tops of your nails (it makes the polish stick better), paint one layer on a nail and place it under the LED lamp. The LED lamp is on for 30 seconds and thats enough to set the polish. Do two coats per nail and voila. 

Matching your accessories 

I love the fact I can match my accessories and clothes, the polish colours are amazing. I am starting up a collection already. I have the Pearlescence polish which is a new colour and looks very “unicorn-esque”. Isla loves this colour. It comes out iridescent and like a soft white. I do 2 coats and I can still see my nail underneath – which I prefer. 

I like to have a splash of colour so I use the Sparkling Sea Salt too. I tend to paint my 4th finger in the sea salt colour. I love teal. I have a lot of products in a teal colour so this goes with a lot. It also looks great with grey/blacks which I wear a lot too. To top it off the teal has a shimmer to it, so it sparkles in the daylight. It’s a real mermaid-esque colour. 

I have the new Prosecco Glow on order, I can’t wait to try it out. I think it will look brilliant with the teal colour. I normally use the Cherry Red colour on my toes. I like to have warm colours on my feet and this looks perfect for Summer with my flip flops. The cherry red really glistens on my toes, I think it looks really nice and seems to go with everything that I wear too – which is a bonus. I have had a lot of people complimenting my feet – saying they look really pretty. 

What colour would you choose? It’s a great kit for a birthday gift, which one would you choose and for who? I would love to know in your comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 


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Last Update: Monday, 27th August 2018