George at Asda recently challenged me to take part in their campaign how jeans make you feel. To complete this challenge I had to choose 3 styles of jeans from skinny, bootcut, wonderfit, straight and jeggings. Then I had to style these jeans up for the different activities I would do in every day life and sum up “which jean are you?“. I of course jumped at the challenge. 


The three styles of jeans I chose are: skinny, jeggings and wonderfit. I live and breathe in skinny jeans, they are my favourite style and seem to work well with everything: boots, flip flops, trainers, sandals… you name it. You can style up and style down, they are just THE key piece for every woman’s wardrobe. Also, when I found out that a fifth of women in the UK buy multiple pairs of the same style of jeans, rather than trying multiple styles – I thought I would push myself into trying a new style – the wonderfit. 

Here are my three different styles, with my three different jeans: 

The skinny jeans



As I said before, these are the jeans I live in. I am always wearing and will try and get away with wearing whenever I can. Just not to work. Maybe that is the root of my obsession! They are comfortable and practical, also look great with everything. So this is my “haven’t got much to do today” look: comfortable footwear, skinny jeans and a snuggly cardigan. 

The belted skinny jeans are £16, I teamed them up with a black tee, this long open stitch cardigan, athletic work pumps and these rather wonderful oversized sunglasses. The outfit costs less than £50 and is great for shopping, the school runs, visiting friends and family – when you want to look nice and be comfortable! 


The jeggings jeans



These are the perfect jeans for work, they are not denim and so look more professional for the workplace and can be styled up with anything to look the “office” part. I went with the cord jeggings option as they were slightly different in texture and colour to the jeans I would normally choose. This is my “maybe I am going to work today” look: smart shoes, professional jeans and a colourful top. 

The cord jeggings are currently on offer for only £7 (bargain), I teamed this up with some other fantastic bargains: tassel trim scarf, mixed yarn jumper and slip on wedge shoes. All in all this outfit will cost you £37. 


The wonderfit jeans



These jeans are just so comfortable, great for a night out with the ladies or indeed a nice meal with my husband – they are very forgiving around the waist! Not only that they made me feel confident, which is not something I have felt more recently, they seem to hide my problem tummy well which is fantastic. They literally moulded around me, like they had been made just for me. 

I styled these wonderfit skinny jeans up with a lovely crochet hem tee, grey open front blazer (my other obsession), sparkly glitter jewelled ballet shoes and the straw trilby. Well, summers soon going to be here! I love this outfit and I can’t wait to show it off to my friends the next time I see them. This outfit was the more expensive out of the three (those jeans are totally worth it at £20) it will set you back £56. 


If you would like to watch the very clever video that George made then you can watch it below, I would be interested to know what jeans you are? 


I received these items in return for my honest review. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th May 2016