My little baby is growing up and finally talking, not just the odd word here or there, we have actual phrases and describing words which tell us exactly what she wants. Life is so much easier, especially at night times when she is crying, “milk” bless her.


Isla Words

We have quite a handful of words to add to the list now, she repeats pretty much everything you say to her. Which is great and really quite funny when she tries to copy words she hasn’t said before and gets the wrong. She will quite easily make herself heard now, singing songs and repeating phrases that she hears a lot. She is almost there with the alphabet because her big brother sings the alphabet song all the time, so she joins in with him now. We are counting, we have one to five in the bag, which is great. So everyday and every thing is a lesson now, we can count everything and describe it all too. I just want her to soak up as much of her little world as she can and when we sit and read books we do the same thing – soak it up and she repeats the words and objects she knows. She is a clever little girl, she has just been holding in her voice for quite some time!



Isla will happily play with the toys around her, join in games and also play very happily on her own – her favourites at the moment though are her books, of course and her Orchard Toys Farm Lotto game that great grandma and grandad bought for her. It’s her favourite game to play, whenever anybody comes to the house, she is straight into the playroom and she is getting the lotto cards out of the box ready to play. It is lovely to see her so eager to play, be involved and show such confidence with people, not just us. I love that. I got her a book rack the other day for her little book collection, she has loads and loves them all, so now we have them on display – proudly! She will sit and flick through her books all day if she could, well let me rephrase that, if she was alone. When Noah is around she most definitely wants to copy what he is doing and play with him.


Sibling Love

They love having fun together, Isla really looks up to her older brother – but that isn’t always positively received. She is getting braver, Isla will very often get her own back or torment Noah on purpose. But it does usually end in tears and her tears at that. When they do play nicely though it is such a joy to see, they are adorable when they want to be and I love those moments. I can hear them playing, or learning – Noah was teaching her colours the other day: he held up coloured rings and said “red” and Isla quickly followed by repeating the colours back to him. If that wasn’t cute enough, Noah finished the game off by saying “well done Isla that’s really good”. Melted my heart. We seem to have sessions of sharing and playing nicely, quickly followed by not so lovely sharing together. It does amaze me how they just turn off their sharing switch so fast, no warnings, but that’s the mind of a 2 year old and a 3 year old I suppose.



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Last Update: Tuesday, 29th April 2014