How do I relax?

I was recently sent some fantastic products from House of Fraser in order to help me relax and I used them wisely. They sent me a lovely Pied a Terre package of diffusers and scented candles and as soon as I unpacked them they were lighting up my kitchen and making me feel relaxed.

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Candles and bubbly baths

I am a big lover of candles, hot bubbly baths and if it is raining outside then that makes the relaxing even better. The first thing that comes to my head when asked “How do you relax?” is just that scenario, I love stopping time and lying in a hot bubbly bath – when there are candles on it makes you stare at the flickering flame and you just cannot help but feel relaxed. It is my husband’s worst nightmare though, he cannot do hot baths and so I suppose my first preference for relaxation isnt to everyones taste.

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The beach

Another place that relaxes me is the beach, I just love the beach: the sounds of the waves rolling in and out, the sound of happy children playing, the wind in your hair and the smell of the fresh sea air is just magical. My favourite beach is Wells next to sea in norfolk, closely followed by Sea Palling in Norfolk and we go there as often as we can, come rain or shine.



A new recruit to my hobbies list is gardening, since loosing Grandad last year I have really taken up gardening, he loved his garden and being out in it and I can totally see why. I have been getting tips and tricks, step by steps and inspiration from my Mum, Grandma and Uncle with my garden and I just find it so relaxing. Something just switched inside of me and now I just love being out there, in my little patch of green creativity. I love cutting the grass even, does that make me bananas?


How do you relax? I would love to know if there is something I am missing out on…

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