The best thing about kids is they’re all so different. It is watching them grow and blossom, their personalities shining through more and more with each passing day. So kids are arty, others are more into science. Some enjoy reading, others would rather make home movies. Some can’t get enough of the outdoors, and some are indoor-obsessed. This last point is not necessarily a bad thing. They may just prefer to play the role of sofa-loving director in their sibling’s theatre production.

That said, getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors is so important. It is a way of exploring mother nature, soaking up all the goodness that shines down and interacting in a new environment. Of course, asking an indoor-preferring child if they want to play outside tends to be met with a “no, thank you”.

To help you out, we have pulled together a list of ways you can encourage your kids to get outside a little bit more:

Take Their Play Outside

A lot of the toys your kids love playing with indoors can be taken into your safe little garden to create a whole new experience. It can encourage them to explore new ways to play, whether it be dressing up in their favourite costumes and partaking in some imaginative role play, or sticking twigs, feather, and stones into their Playdoh. It is a new world of endless possibilities.

Outdoor Family Time

Your kids are going to be much more inclined to enjoy the great outdoors if you are with them. It could be an evening stroll around the local park, or getting a wicker furniture selection that will allow you to play your favourite board games in your patio area. It could just be having them help you prune the bushes, tend the veg patch or wash the car. Just doing it together will motivate them.

Explore Different Outdoor Spaces

Getting your kids to enjoy the outside world a little bit more does not have to mean opening the kitchen door onto the garden. Instead, give them a wider understanding. Go and play in the river, explore the nearest botanical gardens, take a day trip to the beach, head to a farm or a nature reserve – anything that will give them more outdoors options to enjoy.

Create Some Games

Kids have amazing imaginations, but a lot of the time they need you to create that spark, which can be easier than you may think. Given them some character names and have them come up with a play. Create a scavenger hunt and have them go and find some things. Invest in those oversized garden games, like Connect 4 or chess, or just add some water and let them go wild. Trust us, kids love water.

Make Them Proud Of It

Another great little tip is to feed their sense of pride and intrigue by giving your kids a little place in the kitchen or the porch where they can display their treasures. It could be little bits of nature they have found like a stone with a hole in, or it could be photographs of them all dressed up. Whatever it is, let them capture the memories and remember the fun.

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Last Update: Friday, 3rd November 2017