We were sent this really fun and educational toy from Chad Valley: the interactive world map. It has fun facts about 19 countries across the world and a built in quiz function too. It is a handy size and weight that it can be taken almost anywhere, perfect to entertain children on a long journey! It gets a big thumbs up from Noah. 

The first thing Noah learnt with the world map was that Russia was the largest country, followed by Canada. He had such great pleasure telling us the things he was learning. He has learnt about the temperatures of different countries and that Russia gets super cold. Did you know the coldest it gets in Russia is -68 degrees? That is absurd. You can find out about the countries size, temperature, landmarks, fun facts, predominant language, capital city, continent it sits in, population, Government and do the quiz. That is a lot of information in one toy. Noah seems to soak it up like a sponge. 

They love it from the moment they press the on and off button. It makes a fun Egyptian noise. They always dance when they hear that. I think it’s nice that they have something that they really want to learn from. Not just because I have asked them to learn it. They are playing with it and learning because they really want to. We also used the map to see where we had recently been on holiday, to Greece, although it is not a marked country for the toys purpose we could give the children an indication of how far we flew. They were amazed. 

We love this interactive world map: Noah hasn’t put it down since we received it. He has learnt so much and truth be told so have I. We took this round a friends house for a dinner party one evening to keep Noah and Isla entertained. When Noah had gone to sleep, it kept the grown ups entertained for over an hour. We played the quiz and went through all the facts to see who would win. For example: we would choose a topic and then all put our guesses into what the answer would be and the world map would tell us whose won. There are so many different topics to choose from that it made the game last a long time. It was really interesting. 

For £10.99 (it’s also in the 2 for £15 offer at the moment too) it is a bargain. Noah has probably spent the best part of 4 hours playing on this in the 2 weeks he has had it and the grown ups played with it for at least an hour. Endless fun facts. 

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