I recently came across an online boutique selling beautiful prom dresses and it got me thinking about when I will have to think about this with Isla. Obviously not for, at least, 10 years anyway! She loves dressing up in a beautiful dress and I can just imagine her putting on a fabulous ball gown, waiting for her date to pick her up. Oh my goodness, we might have to wait until she is 30 before I actually let that happen! 

I am all for co-ordinating outfits, I think putting them in matching colours or a theme running through both outfits would be a great idea. Here are a few tips on helping them co-ordinate: 

Here’s how you can help your daughter coordinate with her date for the special event:

  1. The Colours

The best place to start is the color. Take a careful look at her dress and the colors in it. Consider the dress’s base colors and other prominent or common shades within the fabric. Then, examine the secondary, or accent, color, swirls, stripes, and geometric patterns. Finally, look at the stitching and other details that may offset her formal dress. If she is attending a formal event such as prom, you can help her check out some of the most stunning red dresses for prom 2017 to make outfit coordination a breeze!

  1. The Fabrics

Coordinating outfits for formal events is no new endeavor. Dates have been trying to match, or at least wear similar shades, since the early days. Once you and your daughter have carefully considered the base colors, take her dress or a similar swatch of fabric with you, your daughter and her date to shop for her date’s outfit. Start by trying to match accent colors – they’re more popular when it comes to coordinating formal outfits and they can make quite the impression. You don’t have to find the perfect color match, and accent colors just seem to work better together.

For example, let’s say you and your daughter have decided on a gorgeous red dress, with a simple design and understated floral pattern in an off-white hue. In this case, her date will look amazing in an off-white dress shirt and a red tie that is the same shade as her dress. Perhaps your daughter has chosen a plain black prom dress with understated pearl-shaded swirl pattern, her date will look wonderful in a pearl shade shirt with a black tie. It’s coordination at its best!

  1. Skin Shades

What shade is her skin and what shade is her date’s skin? This is important when choosing formal outfits that coordinate perfectly. Dark complexions tend to go well with shades of greens, pinks, teals, and even bright neon colors, whereas fair skin tones work with lighter blues, purples, and pastel color outfits. If they are a traditional formal event couple, the two of them really cannot go wrong with a black evening gown and black suit with white dress shirt and black tie.

  1. Your Daughter Could Choose Her Date’s Outfit Before Hers

How about shopping for her date’s suit first? Once he has something he likes, your daughter could pick her dress accordingly.

These days, dates don’t need to play second fiddle to the girl and her gown. They don’t need to take a backseat as she works the room with her much-loved dress. Rather, your daughter and her date can both be involved in the formal outfit decision and pick their preferred style, outfits, and colors together. With the points discussed above, you can surely help them decide properly.


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Last Update: Sunday, 5th February 2017