So Halloween was yesterday and you have lots of Halloween themed goodies to eat up over the weekend, so what do you do with it all? We were sent some of the new flavoured New York Bakery Co. bagels: Cranberry and Orange. Just the packaging in itself looks Halloween themed. There is something spooky about the Orange and Black colour combo at this time of year!

These extremely yummy bagels have a hint of orange and cranberry – we enjoyed them toasted with butter melted on them for breakfast. One morning I even put some marmalade on top and really indulged. They are really sweet and make your taste buds dance around in your mouth – which is always a good thing to kick start the day.

I love Halloween and I am really looking forward to next year when Noah and Isla are getting more into the spirit of it all. I will be prepared with yummy foods and amazing ways to decorate them or jazz them up to be Halloween themed.

So this weekend we are going to decorate our bagels for lunch with some Halloween themed ideas inspired from my Pinterest finds below:


Happy Halloween leftover weekend… I want to see your creations so make sure to leave a comment below.

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Last Update: Friday, 1st November 2013