I thought it was about time I started sharing some of my tips on how I keep organised with my work and my hobbies. Both at work and at home, I use Trello – it can used in a browser or on an app. I have it on my iPhone, iPad and work computer using the browser. It is so easy to use and updates in real time, so you can flip between devices quickly. 

First things first, create a Trello account by signing up and make sure you remember your login details. Once logged in there are many things you can do that are discussed in more detail below: share lists with colleagues, use a list to keep on top of your priorities and use the list to contain information, in one place, to make life easier. 

Creating a list 

Trello works with a few different keywords: boards, lists and cards. The story behind this is: a board is something that contains lists and a list contains different cards. 

I use three boards, one for my day job, one for my crochet projects and one for my blog. My blog board has multiple lists: content ideas, things in progress and completed. It is really easy to add a list, if it is a new board you will see a dark coloured box with the words “add a list“. Simply add the title of the list you would like and press the save button. If it is a board with lists already created you can scroll to the far right and you will find the exact same box. 


Using cards

Now we have a list, or a few lists, we need to create some cards. These are like your post it notes with all the information on them that you need. 

Click on the words add a card, type in a title for the card, a summary of what the card will contain for example. Then press return, it will turn into a white card in the list. You can click on this card to get a wealth of information: 

From here you can add website links, if you have something you wish to refer to and you could add a due date for the piece of work. Images as attachments, or documents etc. 

To prioritise cards you can use the due dates and then drag and drop the cards in the list. I put the most important cards at the top and make sure I put due dates on them as this emails me a reminder. It keeps me on target! 

If you are like me, you probably have a million emails and pieces of paper hanging around. The good thing about Trello is that you can put all of these pieces of information into one place. It’s really helpful as it means you have one place to look when you are working on something. 

You can now add images to the card and this shows up in the list, which is great for visual projects like crochet: 

Sharing the list

You can share the list with colleagues, or you can share the board with a team of people too. You can share a board with a team of people, this is a list of people that have Trello accounts and you can also make the board public and share the link to the board. Making the board public means you can send the link via email or text message to friends/family and share your projects. 

Aby at You Baby me Mummy has written a more in depth post on using Trello and killing it as a blogger, I thought it was a great read. She goes into more detail about how you can use cards and create checklists within cards, which is handy when there are multiple tasks for one thing. 

I would love to know if you use Trello, what you think about it and if you have any helpful tips for my readers too. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018