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Finding the time to do something for yourself, selfishly, when you are a parent can be a struggle or sometimes feel impossible. It really doesn’t have to be and it’s taken me a good few months of deliberating to work this out. I have been offered the chance to complete a home learning course with NCC, to do something for myself and who knows where it might lead. I am hoping a better knowledge of the world around me in terms of blog and day time job will make me do better!  

NCC Home Learning offer a wide range of online and paper based courses, if unlike me, you cannot embrace the digital world.  There is a great tool on the homepage that allows you to choose a course suited to your needs, I chose “industry” and then “culture” to find a collection of courses that looked really interesting. Seeing media studies made me think about the world behind my blog, other than my family, and the job I do at work. I work in Communications and my day is surrounded by the media and marketing, in many respects so is my blog. So I searched for their marketing and media studies courses and came across a diploma that fitted the bill. 

I am really looking forward to completing this course as it will give me more information about the media and the two areas that make up marketing and media. The website clearly outlines the modules that I will study, so it has given me a lot of things to think about and how I want to approach the course: 

Module 1: What is Media?
Module 2: What is Marketing?
Module 3: Representation – a theoretical perspective
Module 4: Genre – an institutional and theoretical perspective
Module 5: News and Advertising
Module 6: Broadcast TV and Film
Module 7: Traditional Marketing
Module 8: New Marketing
Module 9: The Marketing Mix
Module 10: Creating and Implementing a Marketing Strategy

I have never created a marketing strategy before, so I am really looking forward to doing that. I am also helping that module 6 will help when I film my YouTube videos and module 5 may help me pull out the most important information in product reviews. 

Once signed up to the diploma, I was given some information to read through. Helpful notes and guidance on how to use the online course, it’s a quick start guide so that you can get stuck in. So here goes, my browser is set up correctly and I have allowed pop ups. Now it is time to start module one… wish me luck! 

When I have completed the course, I will let you know how I got on and pass on any feedback about the course. If you could study something, what course would you choose and why? I would love to know. Click here to see the courses that NCC Home Learning offer and for more information. 


I am Sonia, I am the author of this blog. I love writing about my family - the things we get up to and the things that we love. Please follow me on Bloglovin' & my other social media channels below:

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