On Sunday we went for a lovely walk in the woods. It was nice because we ended up at the RSPB bird lodge, spontaneously. It’s a nice walk along the woodland to get to the lodge, surrounded by nature. A straight line with a forest on one side and big open space on the other. It makes for great perspective photos. Daddy took his big camera out too, always guaranteed a nice photo! 

On arrival the RSBP staff gave Noah and Isla a clipboard, with 2 checklists on it. We love a checklist. The children had to find animals and plants on one checklist. Then colours of the rainbow on the other. It was amazing how quickly they ticked off all of the colours. It got them thinking about different shades of green. Looking all around them too. It was great seeing them working together to tick off their lists.

We did have to laugh when they ticked all of the birds off, when they’d seen only a few. We heard a Buzzard but couldn’t see it. I guess that sort of counts! It’s such a nice place to walk and explore, well plotted routes and thick woodland. There are also pockets of pretty gardens, grand houses and bird huts to sit and watch the birds. The mansion house is surrounded by colour and a large pond, it’s a very calming place to be. 

We finished our walk at the pond, where there are very large Koi. This pond has been here since I can remember. I used to walk here with my family when I was small. I remember sitting by this pond and staring at the fish back then. Now I’m doing it with my little ones. They loved the friendly Koi. Next time we will take fish food. They all came swimming up the edge, like they could sense our presence, very clever. Some of them were very large, I wonder if they are 30 odd years old. 

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