I seem to spend my life watching box sets on Sky: partly because I can pick them up wherever I am in the house and because they are addictively good! A bonus is you are spoilt for choice. I love it. When I had some time off at the start of the year I finished off one box set series and I have box sets that I watch in between others. For example my husband and I love watching The Blacklist together, but I watch Criminal Minds on my own. I can watch it on any TV in my house, my iPad (anywhere) and also from my Mac too. 

So these are my favourite box sets at the moment, also a few mixed in of ones I want to watch over Springtime.

Madam Secretary

This is something I got into last Summer, I found series 1 on my Sky Q box and thought I would give it a whirl. I loved it, right from the first few minutes. I am completely inspired by Elizabeth McCord, I love what she wears and I love the presence she has in the room. In brief Madam Secretary is about the McCord family, Mum (Elizabeth) is Secretary of State and Dad is a theology professor and has written 8 books. You can catch up with this on Sky Box Sets – it is currently up to season three. 

Grey’s Anatomy

I have watched all of these over the years, the characters have become “real” to me – if that makes sense. The series follows Meredith Grey on her journey from intern to surgeon. It is full of drama, trauma and many, many, make ups and break ups. The characters are all fabulous, I find it inspiring to watch this career driven people and also interesting. The medical side of the show is incredible – I have learnt a lot about trauma and emergencies. Not for the faint hearted! It is currently on it’s 13th season, I am watching this weekly at the moment and you can watch them all from season 1 on Sky Q. 

Criminal Minds

I started watching this on maternity leave with Noah, so 6 years ago now and I picked up random episodes here and there. It has 12 seasons on Sky Q and so I started watching them from the beginning last year and I am currently at the end of season 10. I love this program. It follows a team called the BAU that fly all over America to help serial killer cases, they profile the evidence and situations to help the local police officers hunt down the killers. BAU stands for behavioural analysis unit. I think I would make for a good BAU team member with all the profiling skills I have learnt. 


I cannot believe we are on the 6th season already – this is the show that I cannot stand waiting for. Each week there are cliffhangers that make you want to watch the next episode, immediately. It follows Olivia Pope (who I would quite like to be actually) and her team who stop scandals from reaching the White House, or leaking from the White House. She looks after the presidents interests and got the president into position in the first place too. She is the woman with the know how and can do. This has shown me a lot about American politics and what goes on in the Presidents rooms behind closed doors. It’s fabulous. 

The Blacklist

WOW! What a show. Each episode is about a different blacklister (someone on the FBI want list) and it follows one main blacklister Red. Each season has a main story to it too, that is the overarching theme. The female lead in the show, Elizabeth Keen, is pivotal to the show and she works with Red to capture the other blacklisters. Lots of twists and turns, surprises and it does get quite emotional at times. Definitely worth the nail biting hours of TV. Currently Sky 1 is showing season 4, but you can watch all of them in Sky Box Sets. There are around 24 episodes per season, so you better get watching! 

Game of Thrones

If you haven’t heard of GoT, then you must have been in LaLa Land! This is a spectacular show and the new season is going to start in the summer, you have 6 to catch up on. It is quite a dark show, full of: sex, violence, back stabbing and did I mention violence and sex? It is definitely not for the faint hearted, I remember one scene where someone gets there eyes gauged out and another where a man is eaten alive by dogs. It’s an incredible fantasy. You will fall in love with the characters – namely Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. Oh and you WILL want a dragon as a pet too. 


If you like a bit of darkness, amongst the blanket of snow in this case, you will love Fortitude. It is based on a Icelandic community (I think I have that right) and some weird things happen. People are being randomly killed, or going missing. Odd things keep occurring. I literally cannot say anymore about it because it will ruin it. Lots of twisting and turns, cliffhangers and violence. Theres quite a spiritual twist to this program too. Season two is airing at the moment, but you can watch it all on Sky Box Sets – we have just finished it. All I have to say is OH MY GOODNESS! 

Wayward Pines

Now I found this one quite peculiar at the beginning, I had to watch it as I was told about it by my mother in law. It is one of those shows that has a MAJOR twist, about half way through the first season. It is really interesting. I kind of watch it thinking “what on earth would I do in that situation”. You can catch up with the first couple of seasons on Sky Q. It is produced by M. Night Shyamalan, I love his movies/shows. The Village was a brilliant movie, lots of surprises – and thats exactly what Wayward Pines is too.  

Penny Dreadful

This program is brilliant. Full of ghouls, vampires and shapeshifters. Definitely one to watch with an open mind – I loved it. Quite a dark program, with some historical characters throughout, like Frankenstein. It is fabulous, a great fiction with great twists and turns. You can watch all the seasons on Sky Box Sets. I was gutted when it finished as I loved it, I had to find something else to get my teeth stuck into and then I came across Elementary. 


This is a crime based drama, as you probably guessed focused on the Sherlock Holmes and Watson relationship. A bit of a twist though as Watson is Lucy Lu. I think its brilliant. I have learnt a lot from this show – I now know what deduced means. Its Sherlocks favourite saying. He is such a clever character, quite inspiring. You can catch up with the current season now. 


This is a very old TV show, based in an American prison called Oz. It follows the journey of one particular in mate and the stuff that happens around him. All I can say is have an open mind when watching this – it shows rather grim scenes of violence and sex too. A lot of male relationships happen – due to it being a all male prison. The dynamics within the prison fascinated me though. It is a very good show, there are quite a few seasons though and you can watch all 10 on Sky Box Sets. 


Another investigation programme – can you pick up the theme here? It is all about the CIA and follows Carrie Mathison through her career, relationships and her sufferance with bipolar.  I love watching what the CIA get up to around the world, how they bring down terrorists, stake outs, their intel. It is all amazing. A great program to follow, you will fall in love with Carrie and all her colleagues too I am sure. 

The following programmes are on my “to watch list“, I have been told that they are a great watch and so on record: Billions, Big Little Lies and Twin Peaks. 

Billions is based on our beloved Brody from Homeland and is described as a program about wealth, influence and corruption set in New York. Big Little Lies stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, it is based on the book and is referred to as a darkly comedic take of murder and mischief in a quiet coastal town. Twin Peaks has a new season starting soon and I have been advised to catch up with it in time, it is a crime drama that is somewhat surreal. Sounds very intriguing. 

I would love to know what you watch? Comment below or on social media as I am sure I will need another box set to pick up! 

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Last Update: Thursday, 23rd March 2017