A woman’s handbag is just one of her many secret weapons. Of course, there are some obvious things to carry, like tampons, a wallet, aspirin, and gum, but a true handbag master has thought of every scenario she might need to be prepared for as she takes on her day. Curating the perfect arsenal of gear can take years but it doesn’t have to! We’ve distilled years of purse-carrying-wisdom down to these essentials every woman needs to carry in her handbag to take on the world looking flawless and feeling fierce.

Don’t Get Stuck with a Lunchtime Stain

Never let a morning juice spill from the kids or lunchtime mustard mishap ruin your favorite white blouse (and leave you feeling embarrassed throughout the day) with a portable stain-eraser, like the Tide to Go pen. They are about the size of a regular writing pen but pack a big punch, making them perfect for practically any size purse. 

Keeps Hands Clean and Germ Free

Pocket hand sanitizers are a must-have, especially during cold and flu season. Bath and Body Works offer a variety of scents, ranging from floral to fruity, and come in the perfect size for carrying on the go. If you’re prone to sticky hands and fingers, throw a travel pack of Wet Ones in your handbag instead. Wet Ones are like carrying a sink with you (minus the pipes and 100 pounds of ceramic) and can take on both germs and sticky, dirty messes.

Travel with Tissues

Allergy season or not, travel tissues are great to carry all year. Plus, they’re available in a variety of cute packages and vibrant designs, Kleenex even has packages with Disney’s Frozen characters, so you can avoid a “snotastrophic” situation in style.

Tame Oily Skin and Stay Fresh Faced

Tame oily skin on the go by carrying a pack of blotting papers in your handbag. Blotting papers can refresh your look after a long day, helping you go from a day at the office, to a night on the town. If oily skin isn’t a problem, pack a revitalizing mist into your purse, like e.l.f. Mineral Mist. This mist combines witch hazel, chamomile, and aloe, perfect for a refreshing boost after the gym or work.

Keep Lips Soft and Look Polished

I’ve always got one of these laying around in all of my purses. Whether you love a good lipstick or like to keep your lips au naturale, lipstick or lip balm, like eos round lip balms, are a must. Or, look for a lip color that pulls double duty, like Stila’s Convertible Color dual lip and cheek cream, for an overall polished look.

Always Look Stylish with the Right Shades

Sunglasses are a quick way to add style to any outfit, making them a purse essential. Sunglasses can also help hide the effects of a late night or not having enough time to throw on some makeup. Whether you love a bold fashion forward look or something more timeless, classic brands like Ray-ban offers a variety of styles to flatter any woman’s face.

Refresh with Your Favorite Scent

Carry a roll-on, sample vial, or tiny bottle of your favorite perfume for a little midday refresh of your signature scent. Scents fade throughout the day! If you have your signature scent, most brands carry them in rollerball sizes. Perfect for traveling and being on-the-go!

Stay Organized with a Cute Agenda

Even though there are many schedule apps for smartphones, nothing beats the ease (and style) of a cute agenda. You might find that you are much more organized and focused throughout the day if you write a to-do list and a done list. And don’t forget to bring a pen!

Stay Connected with a Cellphone Charger

For as much as we all rely on our cellphones, a dead battery can put a halt on anyone’s day. Never get caught with a dead cellphone by having a portable charger in your handbag. The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a great choice as it’s both a charger and a smartphone case, saving precious room in your handbag.

A well-prepared handbag is the perfect sidekick, it’s always ready with whatever you need and will never let you down. With these essentials, you’ll be able take on the day’s challenges with confidence and style!

Handbag image by ShutterStock. 

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