With the Easter holidays here, many parents are searching desperately for activities to interest their children so why not spend the extra time and get creative this Easter? You can create long-lasting memories with your children and have fun yourself at the same time. The Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror guide released by Homecrafts.co.uk provides some amazing ideas to help you have the least exhausting and most amazing Easter ever.

My favourite are the adorable Easter bonnets which can be decorated and personalised easily with real flowers, ribbons, stickers or anything else you can find lying around the house or garden. If you’re doing an Easter egg hunt for your children, make the usual hunt a little more special. Make your children personalised Easter egg hunt treasure bags so they have something to put their treasure into! Simply get some plain paper bags, and decorate with jewels, stickers and flowers.

Older kids are sometimes the hardest to entertain, but fear not, there are activities just perfect for them too. Making Batik Eggs promises to keep older children entertained for a couple of hours, and involves drawing patterns with melted wax onto the surface of a hen’s egg before dipping it into cold water dye for a beautiful effect. The idea of Quilling eggs also presents a more challenging way to decorate eggs with a pretty effect.

Whatever you decide to do, I advise you to get creative this Easter and make the most of the time with your little ones!

Easter Holiday Boredom ConquerorAn infographic by Homecrafts

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Last Update: Wednesday, 16th April 2014