A home office should be much more than just a corner table with a laptop and a phone, and creating the right atmosphere with a few essentials can help boost your productivity. The right amount of space, some carefully chosen furniture and even the right décor can all be psychologically conducive towards getting down to work.



Image by Jnyemb, used under the Creative Commons license.

Image by Jnyemb, used under the Creative Commons license.

Creating a work-space will take a little experimentation but shouldn’t involve too much hard work and the rewards will be well worth the effort.

Setting the atmosphere

If you have a spare room with a door then you’ve already won half the battle when it comes to a quiet atmosphere in which to work. Finding a quiet space to set up your office in should be a priority; someplace with reduced family member traffic will be ideal. The décor of your office is also important as certain colours can affect mood, for instance blue and green are good for creativity while red enhances your attention to detail. Take care with your lighting set-up and don’t make your office too dark – natural lighting via a window, especially during the winter, will help to stop lethargy.

Correct seating is vital

A comfortable but supportive chair will be one of the most important parts of your home workspace. The wrong chair can cause back problems if sitting for long periods of time so this is one piece of furniture worth investing in. Spending a little extra time to find an ergonomically correct chair will help to reduce the risk of back problems and allow you to sit comfortably for prolonged periods. Ergonomic desks are also available and both of these items needn’t be hugely expensive if you shop around and compare prices.

Keep it simple

A messy office is definitely not psychologically beneficial when it comes to increasing work rates and keeping your desk clutter-free will be the preferable option. However, this is your space and it’s a case of whatever works to improve your productivity; this can include playing music throughout the day to help you focus. Many people do like to personalise their desks and this can include photographs, an executive toy or a few plants to stop the area looking too sterile. Don’t forget those desktop essentials and accessories such as desk fans for the summer months and an additional little heater during the winter.

Take your time when creating your office and experiment in order to find out what works for you. If you can turn your space into an inviting work sanctuary it will soon become someplace you’ll look forward to spending a great deal of time in every day.

Image by Jnyemb, used under the Creative Commons license.

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