Isla loves her Num Noms, she really wants to collect the entire set. We didn’t realise there was new nail varnishes to collect in Series 4, Polish-it Noms. We had a fun craft afternoon after our Num Noms Easter hunt. The girls had a lot of fun searching for the collectibles all over the house. Then had some quiet time crafting in our playroom. 

The girls had so much fun hunting around the house looking for their surprises. They had been hidden all over the downstairs, a great idea for the Easter weekend. 

Easter crafts

With our Easter egg bunting and stickers we made some very creative designs. Each egg had a different pattern on it and I had fun helping the kiddies too! 

Easter tree decorations

We also decorated some eggs with glitter glue ready to decorate our Easter tree. These eggs are really easy to make and they look great on an Easter tree – grab some twigs from the garden and make your very own tree. 

It was lovely to spend some quiet time, chilled and just us happily colouring and designing together. I have to admit I don’t do that often, it felt like happy times. They really concentrated on designing their eggs, Isla covered herself and the playroom in glitter – but I wouldn’t expect anything less. We used a combination of glitter gel pens and coloured markers, then used the Num Noms stickers to decorate the eggs. We even drew our own drawings of Num Noms on the eggs. I am really impressed with how well they can draw. They drew them perfectly and coloured in neatly. They were very proud of their creations too. 

Num Noms baking

Here is a great idea by Num Noms for the Easter weekend: 

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Last Update: Thursday, 29th March 2018