#CountryKids – Wimpole Hall

We took the little ones to Wimpole Hall, a short drive from home and met Nanny & Grandad. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was a great opportunity to get some lovely photos of the children. They didnt really want to do anything as it was too hot, sitting and playing with the stones infront of the mansion house was just what they wanted to do.


We took a short walk around the secret, walled garden which was beautiful and I fell in love with a lot of the flowers , but it was soon lunchtime and the children were hungry. So we stopped for lunch. We found some different flowers in the gardens though and Isla loved the large white daisies. The amount of love and attention that has gone into that garden is amazing and I am really excited to go back there soon and see it properly.

FL2A9902 FL2A9901 FL2A9908 FL2A9910 FL2A9911 FL2A9915 FL2A9922

After lunch we took a walk around the back of the big mansion house to look at the lovely garden, we were not allowed on the grass and so we walked around the path. Guess what Noah did once being told he couldn’t stand on the grass, yes, stood on the grass and refused to move. We soon got him off the grass and walking on the path like the rest of us. Little monkey!

FL2A0217 FL2A0189 FL2A0238

Just before we left we took the opportunity to get some photos of us all outside the front of the mansion house, it is such a beautiful setting after all. We got some lovely photos:

FL2A0108 FL2A9996 FL2A9968 FL2A9940


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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