#CountryKids – Scooter fun

We had a lot of fun at Paxton Pitts on Sunday where Noah and Isla burnt off their energy on the scooters. Considering Isla has only been using this scooter for a month, she has picked it up quickly and was zooming ahead today, in a straight line. Noah is so quick and confident on his scooter, he absolutely loves it.


Not only did I take photos, but I made a quick video of our fun with the scooters and put Jam on in the background, as that is Noah’s song of the week. They both love Michael Jackson, which makes me totally happy. I used my Samsung camera to get a few clips of the kiddies and put them together, I wanted to show Isla how quick she is going and a record of an achievement, as it takes a lot of balance to be able to stay on those scooters when going so fast.

We found a stream on our journey which Noah and Isla thought it was great to throw large stones into the stream. They thought it was so much fun. Daddy was concerned that the stones were quite large though. It is great just being free, walking and discovering along the way.


It was nice to just take a walk with Daddy, whilst the kiddies zoomed off into the distance. Normally we are chasing after them or having to hold hands to keep safe, but it was lovely to see them having fun and being able to hold Daddy’s hand for once.



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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