On Monday The Constants and our friends The Effords took a trip across county to Anglesey Abbey, which is a fabulous National Trust location in Cambridgeshire and to top it off there was a Cadbury’s Easter egg hunt on for Easter weekend. We had a lot of fun!


There is so much to do at Anglesey Abbey, but we only had time for the Easter egg hunt and exploring the gardens, next time I would love to see inside the mansion house and the mill. What we did see was fantastic, there is so much for the kids to do and see, we even had fun with the piles of leaves that had been tidied up (shhhh).

The Cadbury’s Easter egg trail

I was quite surprised at how good and how interesting the Easter egg hunt was for the little ones, it captivated them for quite a while and considering the children varied from 2 to 6, that can be quite tricky when you are in woodland and they have freedom. We went over to the marquee where we picked up our Cadbury’s/National Trust Easter eggsplorer passports which gave us a map of the 12 pictures we had to find along our way.


There were logs scattered along the trail in the woodland that had images on, we needed to find each log and rub a crayon over the images onto our passports in order to collect our treasure at the end. Isla really enjoyed it, but didn’t quite understand what we were doing – she just liked drawing over her passport and so she needed a little helping hand.



It was quite fun and the kids were really interested in the story about the squirrel on the way around – we counted up acorns and raindrops and got our squirrels safely back home, along with our Cadbury’s Easter eggs of course.


Anglesey Abbey fun

There is quite a lot to do at Anglesey Abbey, we were really impressed. We walked around the woodland to do the Easter egg trail and then we had fun in the leaf piles. Throwing leaves into the air can be so much fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. It was lovely to see them happy and being free.


As we walked further into the woods we came across a little area where we walked on stepping stones, crossed a bridge and played with the wooden pipes, they looked like a big xylophone.

DSC_7070 DSC_7095

After we had a little refresher break, we walked up to the big tree house. It is huge! It was 3 floors up and the children thought it was brilliant fun climbing to the top and waving down at Mummy.


There are little bits to explore and do at every turn from wooden tunnels to a secret garden full of buzzy bee’s and butterflies. Here are some of our discoveries:

DSC_6324 DSC_6629 DSC_6670 DSC_7334 DSC_7400 DSC_7420 DSC_7445 DSC_7820 DSC_7849

With all the excitement from the day we had a little rest at what we thought would have been the old road into the mansion house, it was a big grassy road with trees either side and made for a great setting for some family photos. So we made the most out of it and here are some of my favourites:

DSC_7539 DSC_7690 DSC_7700 DSC_7710 DSC_7725



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