You’ve been poking your head out of the window all week just waiting on your packages to arrive. Finally, it does. However, this excitement can quickly turn into “wrap rage,” a comical term coined to describe the frustration we all feel when opening packages. Sometimes our purchases are encased in seemingly impermeable materials, such as plastic and zip ties, or embedded in layers of packaging material. If we’re not careful and just try to rip them open with little patience, injuries can too often be the result.

Fortunately, whatever the challenge may be, there are clever and successful ways to open your stubborn casing. Everyday tools or devices lying around your home can usually assist you with this process. But these handy box cutters sitting in your garage or the scissors on top of your cabinet are just the tip of the iceberg. This blog will discuss some additional clever ways to open packages. 

Clever Hacks and Tools

Manual Can Opener 

Who knew that a manual can opener could be used to open more than just canned goods? Aim the blades at the edges of your plastic package, and twist away until you reach the other side. You should be able to remove the item inside if done correctly. There are commercial versions that look similar to a can opener but are designed to open packages. However, your manual can opener can do a fairly good job as well. 

Tin Snips

Tin snips are commonly used for various types of handiwork. And if you’ve ever had a pair of scissors that just couldn’t slice their way through thick plastic, tin snips may be what you need. They can cut through metal, as well as tough plastic. Its compound hinge has an added layer of leverage that a typical pair of scissors does not. 


Yes, that fork you just used to devour your dinner is also great for packages bound by zip ties. Carefully stick the fork into the head (the thicker square end of the tie) opening to hold it in place, and then pull the other side until the loop opens. Once you’re done, you can reuse the zip ties for other purposes. 

Rubber Band

Yes, they’re fun to fling across the room and keep a collection of items in one neat pile. But a rubber band can also be the resolution to that stubborn jar lid that just won’t budge. Place the rubber band around the lid of a jar to get a better grip. Because it tightens around the lid or handle more than your hand does, it operates as an extra pair of hands. Then all you have to do is firmly unscrew the lid with the rubber band acting as a helping hand. 

Box Cutter 

Most people are already familiar with this self-explanatory tool. These tools are commonly used to cut cardboard boxes. Finger-friendly box cutters like these have ceramic blades that are sharp enough to open packages and less risky than traditional steel blades that can too easily puncture skin.

Manual box cutters are often helpful at opening packages. However, investing in a retractable blade ensures that you don’t leave the blade exposed when not in use. Smart retractable box cutters take it a step further by pulling the blade back into its housing as soon as it loses contact with whatever is being cut, even if you still have your finger on the slider. Some box cutters have more blade exposure than others, which makes sense depending on how thick the packaging tape or cardboard is. If you can control how much of the blade is visible for cutting, only use enough of it to cut; then release immediately when done.

Safety Precautions for Opening Packages

While there are many commercial tools specifically designed to open packages, safety should be the first priority. A pair of protective gloves are highly recommended when using any of the options above. 

All of the items on this list can be dangerous if not handled properly. Make sure that you don’t have any items or tools between your legs during the opening process. Jars and cans can too easily cause damage to fingers and thighs if too much pressure is applied. 

When using any sharp object, make sure you are in a safe space and distance yourself from others. Always cut facing away from your body, and make sure you safely put away the cutting utensil or mechanical device after you’re done. These safety precautions may significantly decrease the risk of any accidents, such as lacerations and punctures. 

Making Your Household Items Work to Your Advantage 

Those moments of wrap rage will be behind you once you learn these tricks. If you don’t have these items somewhere in your home, consider investing in them. All five items have multiple uses even when your delivery driver is nowhere in sight. As long as you’re following the proper safety rules, you should be able to have fun opening packages safely and happily in no time. Having fun with the online shopping can now commence.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 26th May 2021