So this cleaning hack is how to AVOID a little cleaning in the future. No more scrubbing the kettle or using harmful chemicals to get rid of that flaky limescale that sometimes escapes into your tea. BRITA Filter Jugs are designed to help with this and they will reduce your cleaning time. It makes the water taste better and stops the build up of limescale. Win win!

So, this is our old kettle before we started using the BRITA filter jug:

old kettle limescale

I set up the BRITA filter jug as per the instructions and started using it straight away. Not only that but the smart LED light tells me when to replace the filter which is such a good idea. It is dishwasher safe, so I can clean it as often as I need to.

BRITA filter jug

The tea does actually taste better, I can’t explain it. The water is just so much nicer and the kettle doesn’t look like a flaky scalp any longer! I know it’s disgusting. I have tea with the new My Cuppa from Alpro, it’s the best whole milk equivalent that I have found in the supermarket. I can now make myself a perfect tea! This is the kettle after a few days of using the new filter:

BRITA after use

I will never ever put normal water in my kettle again, hopefully it will last a lot longer too! The filter holds 2.4L of water at one time and comes in blue or grey. It is the perfect size to fit in your fridge door too, so perfect for the warmer days when you want a cold glass of water.

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Last Update: Saturday, 10th April 2021