If you like your man to look smart, this year, you are going to be a very happy woman. The laidback hipster look is still going to be hot, but more and more men will be pairing their jeans with a nice waistcoat or a formal jacket.

Suits are back in fashion

This trend means that there are plenty of suits available in the shops. It really does not matter what style of suit you are looking for the chances are you will be able to find exactly what you want. For example, if you are looking for a smart suit for a special occasion this year all you need to do is to click this link. This retailer stocks all kinds of suits and separates in a huge range of sizes.

Three-piece suits

For 2017, old-school three-piece suits are back in vogue. For formal occasions like a special dinner or a wedding, all three items can be worn together, in the traditional way. However, the way they are styled means that many men will also wear them as separates too. Many will choose to pair the jacket, or the waistcoat, with some smart dark jeans and a crisp white shirt, worn open at the collar.

Single-breasted jackets

The majority of the jackets I have seen online and in the shops are single breasted. Many of them feature three buttons, but there are two button versions available too. Unusually, many men are choosing to wear their jackets buttoned up this year, so it is important to make sure that it is big enough to be worn in this way.

Straight trousers

Most of the trousers I have seen are straight cut. Pleats are definitely out. That means it is important that your man crouches down on his haunches when he tries the trousers on.

Stylish waistcoats

It has been a while since waistcoats were last in fashion, but it is good to see them back at last. Most feature five buttons and they are designed to be worn buttoned up. A few of them have lapels, which is great for the man who just wants to wear the waistcoat with their suit trousers, or maybe a pair of casual trousers, at the weekend.

Colours and fabrics

This year, most of the suits are lightweight, but many of them are made of wool or twill. These look great and will work well for both the cold and warm months. Wearing natural fabrics makes it easy for your body to regulate its temperature, so these wool and twill suits are a good year round option. The colour palette is muted, mostly dark blues and greys, but many men will opt to wear them with colourful shirts and ties to brighten them up.

Where to buy

Most of the nicest suits are available from online retailers. The fact that more shops are selling each item separately makes it easy to put together a suit that fits properly. It also means that you can buy a second pair of trousers, which should mean that your man can keep the suit for longer.

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Last Update: Monday, 1st May 2017