You may recall last Summer I had a little rave about a new website I came across: Love the Sales. The site that lists fashion items, that are just in the sale! Well, I wanted to give you a little update because I think it's brilliant and you could grab yourself a bargain before the Summer holidays arrive – find your maxi dresses and a spare pair of shorts for the kids!

First things first, they have updated their website since I last looked – it looks much sleeker and the new navigation bar makes it easier to read. They've also updated some of the words on the navigation bar too, more in-line to trends like "outdoor". You can literally kit out the entire family for little expense, and from the comfort of your own chair.

 They sell some fantastic fashion items, that I just love and they are always sale prices. Everything is a sale item. I love sales shopping, this site does it all for me in the one place. It also sends me alerts every day of the different items that are on sale, based on the brands I love. 

Setting up your account

Log in to Love the Sales, click on the menu button and choose My Account. Under there you can set your dress size, shoe size, bra size and specify how frequently you want to receive sale alerts. Then when you get emails, it will have the items that will fit you – that are on sale from the brands that you select.

To choose the brands you love, simply click on My Brands from the menu. Follow the brands that you love and do not forget to save.

The two sections work together to make sure that when you visit Love the Sales, you get the most personalised experience you can! I love it.

My Summer work wear shopping

My favourite high street stores, especially to get work wear, are Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Miss Selfridge. But, now I have the family to think about I often feel bad for spending money on myself. Spending the same amount of money, on 3 or 4 items, however, always makes me feel happy.

So with £60 to play with, my shopping bag was full and I love what arrived in the post: Denim jacket, Teddy bear jacket, a lovely dress for work (see image below), white blouse with bow, bat-wing top for work and a lovely pair of skinny jeans.

Check out Love the Sales for more amazing sale fashion items for your work wardrobe, or for Summer. Don't forget you can find clothes for the rest of the family too:

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Last Update: Tuesday, 25th July 2017