Isla loves playing babies, so when she received the new BABY born magic bed heaven and BABY born Soft Touch Doll she was super happy. These are great for stimulating imaginative play and also encourages Isla to be responsible. She has to look after her doll and take care of it, it’s really cute watching her rise to the occasion.

BABY born magic bed heaven

Isla absolutely loves this bed, not only does it look super cute but it was fun to build. She got to stick stickers all over it and design it to her own style. Such a great idea. The bed comes with a canopy, bedding and a little teddy that matches the bedding, to help settle baby to sleep. There is even a little green mattress to keep your doll comfortable. It is quite realistic. Isla just loves it as she can tuck her baby in.

The great thing about this toy bed is that it helps to get Isla ready for bed herself. She has a little routine where she puts her doll to bed and reads him a story. After he has had his bedtime milk of course. Once he has had his story he goes straight to sleep in his wonderful bed, tucked in with his little teddy.

You can buy this BABY born magic bed heaven from Amazon, it’s currently on offer too!

BABY born soft touch doll

This little cutie, named Teddy, is a lovely little doll for children. He comes with a lot of accessories that are great for looking after the doll. I think Isla named him Teddy as she keeps telling me she wants a little brother, called Teddy! No, she isn’t in case you wondered.

We love this soft touch doll, he has life like features. If you feed him via the bottle with actual water – he cries and wee’s like a real baby. Isla loves making him go to the potty. The set comes with a sachet of baby food, which he can eat too.

He sleeps and can be put in the bath as well. So, it really encourages Isla to treat him like a real baby and her imagination runs wild. I love the fact that Teddy can now hug, his arms move a little more than the other dolls so he holds a hugging position – which Isla loves doing. Once she has finished her bedtime routine with Teddy, he gets a bedtime story and then she goes to bed. It’s brilliant that he is helping with our home life.

You can get this soft touch doll from Argos and it is currently on offer.

Both sets are really fantastic for children – it really has helped Isla understand a little more about responsibility and looking after someone else. It is helping bedtime move a little easier as Isla isn’t very good at going to bed.

We received these items from BABY born in exchange for our review, all opinions and photographs are my own.

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