The perfect place for little girls and little boys: a train ride, in fact two trains, an adventure playground and a beautiful woodland full of fairies. What more could you need on a day out? This is our CountryKids post for this week as it was just a lovely day out in a perfect piece of Essex countryside. The villages surrounding Audley End are absolutely beautiful.


This place was really lovely, we had a beautiful day and it captivated the children for the entire five hours we were there. The cafe was our first stop as there was a bit of a queue of people entering and we didn’t want to miss out on a table over the lunchtime period. The kiddies had fab little picnic boxes with a freshly prepared sandwich. They were very impressed. I had a yummy hotdog which made me feel like I was at a BBQ, which was a nice feeling on such a lovely sunny day. After lunch it was time to explore what Audley End had to offer and I have to admit there was quite a bit to do and the sunshine made it even better. We took a trip on the train to begin with, which we all loved, there was a checklist of items to mark off as you saw them and Noah really enjoyed spotting everything and ticking it off as we went through. Isla just shouted in amazement and everything we passed it was cute.


After the train ride we took a walk around the enchanted woodland, with our fairy guides in tow we set to work finding all the fairies and their homes and marking them off in the booklet. Adela, the eldest child of the group, absolutely adored this part and she was able to get full potential out of it as she could read all of the signs, names and she loved the little fairies. Whereas the others, just wandered around in amazement that there were fairies in little houses in the woods. I got some beautiful photos of the children in the woods, it was quite magical.

On exit from the woodland walk there is the perfect spot for photos in front of the bridge, we took the opportunity to get some family shots and also some photos of the kids. It was nice later on in the afternoon as the kids rain around the playground, did some fairy crafts and had fun bouncing on the bouncy cottage that was there for the day. It was a lovely day and we will be going back again. If I could mention one thought as a mother and on behalf of the little ones, it might be worth installing some more toilets as the queues were always huge and little people cannot hold their bladders very well, nor can us mothers either!


I captured this video of our day, which I think sums it up really nicely and I would completely recommend Audley End miniature railway for families with little ones and those who just want to see some fairies:


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