I love Summer and kitting the children out with beautiful Summer dresses, shorts and lightweight footwear. There are some amazing fashion collections out there for children, cute and stylish! I had great fun planning some outfits for the children on the fashionworld.co.uk website. They really do have a great selection of items, including toys to keep them occupied. It’s a great one stop shop for getting Summer ready! 

Summer fashion for girls

There is a great range of dresses in the kids & toys section, I loved these two Monsoon dresses for Isla: Monsoon Evelyn Unicorn Dress and Monsoon Finella Flamingo Dress. They were perfect for celebrating her birthday. The Unicorn dress feels really silky soft, Isla loves it. She wears it whenever she gets the chance and the Flamingo dress is for her best parties. It makes me smile when the kiddies have clothes that they love, they literally want to wear them all of the time.

Summer fashion for boys

Noah loved the Crocs Swiftwater Wave Boys Sandals, he said they are really comfortable and perfect for when it’s hot as they keep his feet cool. I teamed it up with this Boys Malibu T-Shirt, which really suits him too. The Crocs are really smooth and lightweight, so they are perfect for little legs.
The T-Shirt is really cooling, it goes with all of his shorts too, so it’s really good. It has the number 83 on the back too, which is the year I was born – so that made Noah happy too. He said he was wearing Mummy’s birthday year top.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 18th July 2018