I love a nice cup of tea and since working from home I have had a lot more of it. With that I wanted to make sure I am getting a cleaner cuppa. We tried out the BRITA filter Purity kettle from Russell Hobbs. It is by the far the best kettle I have ever used and it looks really stylish too. I love the way it aluminates the kitchen in blue when it is in use. BRITA sent me this fabulous kettle to try out and give you my honest opinion.

BRITA challenged me to a few tasks with the new BRITA Filter Purity kettle. You can clearly see the difference between this kettle and others I have used in the past, it completely transformed my cups of tea! You can grab yours from Amazon (it’s currently on offer at the time of writing this post) for £49.99.

The first challenge was to see if I could see a difference between my old kettle and the new one; the answer was immediately. If you look at the photo below you can see the visual differences – the left hand photo is before and the right hand photo is after. Before the tea had a layer of “oily scum” on the top, which is caused from the build up of limescale. I brew my tea for quite a long time and I always knew when it was ready as this oily layer would appear (even when the milk has been added). The very first cup of tea I made in the new BRITA Filter Purity kettle there wasn’t a single oily patch on my tea.

You can also see the tea looks murky in the before photo, whereas the after photo the tea looks cleaner. It’s amazing how it feels nicer to drink. The tea feels less murky to drink too, a thinner liquid. It’s hard to describe but it really does feel like I am drinking a cleaner tea. You do have to get used to a little forethought with this kettle; in that you have to fill up the top section and wait for it to filter through to the bottom before you can hit the power switch. We are literally talking 30 seconds, so it’s not a huge wait but if you need a kettle full of water then you need to give yourself a good minute to fill it up. It is definitely helping us use less water and less electricity though. We always used to fill the kettle up and boil it beforehand, now we fill up the top section as we know that makes 2 cups of tea perfectly.

Don’t forget to try the BRITA filter jug for all of your other drinks too – there is nothing like yummy fresh and clean water. How do you like your cup of tea? Do you think you will be trying this new kettle? I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough, if you are going to replace your kettle this Summer then give this a go. (Also did you notice my new tiles in the kitchen?)

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Last Update: Thursday, 17th June 2021