91 Years ago…

…in 1923, a very special man was born today, my Grandad. After last years 90th celebration it’s sad to think he’s not here with us today, in person. But he will be with us in our thoughts and the family are getting together, which will be lovely.

Me and Grandad 31 years ago!

Not only is it Grandad’s birthday today, but it’s also their wedding anniversary – so a lovely day of celebration, usually. Today I’m hoping will be filled with memory and family time. Sat around the table with one, very important, man in mind: Grandad.

I was pregnant with Noah here!
I was pregnant with Noah here!

Just imagine what a 91 year old man has seen: transport changing, technology evolving and the endless amount of fashion changes. It must have been amazing, also daunting. I remember my uncle telling me when he was choosing his university course, Grandad advised him to do something focused on computing as they will take over the way we do things. Guess what? He was right!

Me and Grandad, walking me down the aisle
Me and Grandad, walking me down the aisle

It’s amazing how it’s only been 6 months but it feels like yesterday he left us. I still go to their house and think he is in bed, or in the garden. I love how memories can keep you holding on to what matters: the happy times. I will be deep in my thoughts today. Miss your big smile and silly laugh grandad. Happy birthday.

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